Snap-on China

Case Study: FCM x Snap-on China
Case Studies 29 May 2017

About Snap-on

Snap-on, one of the World’s largest manufacturer of professional vehicle inspection equipment and sophisticated airplane and vehicle repair tools, was founded in Wisconsin, United States, in 1920. Snap-on, an S&P 500 company, was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1941 and owns several world class brands in its targeted fields of application. Its sales network covers more than 150 countries and regions and its products are renowned in the world.


Business Needs

Snap-on sought a professional Travel Management Company that is able to integrate its countrywide travel services to rectify their inconsistent travel management as a result of non-integrated services provided all over China. For this reason, Snap-on has chosen FCM’s services in the hope of getting the following:

  • a planned and complete service process;
  • competitive quotations and excellent services;
  • dedicated account managers who are responsible for services provided countrywide;
  • personalized value-added services for VIPs;
  • and regular and accurate travel reports and analysis recommendations.



Personalized Services

FCM has assigned a designated travel consultant to serve Snap-on, providing personalized services and has comprehensive understanding of the specific needs and preferences of every Snap-on employee. For Snap-on’s VIPs in particular, the full-time travel consultant provides all kinds of personalized value-added services, such as selection of preferred flight seats, selection of meals, accumulation and redemption of mileage card points, and services that address other needs. These excellent services come with flexible quotations that are competitive.

Services Provided to Different Snap-on China Branches

Each Snap-on branch in China has a designated personnel who is in charge of making reservations. FCM’s service staff adapt to the reservation habits and needs of each personnel without any compromise on service quality. The management of Snap-on China is very particular when it comes to the selection and provision of travel services. Initially, FCM only had the chance to serve Snap-on's Shanghai's and Beijing's offices, it gradually began to introduce the services to its Kunshan and Zhejiang factories after seeing the consistent service quality delivered by FCM.

Regular Travel Reports and Follow-up

FCM account managers send quarterly travel reports and propose analysis recommendations to Snap-on China’s administration team on a regular basis. FCM maintains good communication with Snap-on through regular follow-up visits. Whenever there is any disagreement, FCM account managers will take immediate action to resolve the issue.



FCM China began serving the Beijing office of Snap-on Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Snap-on Asia Manufacturing (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., and Snap-on Asia Manufacturing (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. in April 2005, January 2006, and June 2011 respectively.

In these ten years, FCM China has seen continuous increase in Snap-on’s travel needs as the company develops its businesses in the China region. Both parties have benefited from the good cooperation between them.



“Although the Snap-on head office in the United States is using American Express services, I believe FCM is able to provide localized services that meet our needs in China. As such, we hope to establish long-term cooperation with FCM China."

Helen Jiang
Administration Manager of Snap-on China