China Eastern Airlines joining Canada Transit Without Visa Program (TWOV)

Travel News 11 May 2017

China Eastern Airlines officially joins the Canada Transit Without Visa (TWOV) Program and the China Transit Program (CTP). Passengers who are eligible in terms of meeting the following criteria may transit through Canada without applying for a Canadian transit visa by taking a China Eastern Airlines flight with the final destination in the United States:

  • Travels on China Eastern Airlines flight MU581 from Shanghai to Vancouver International airport (YVR), or MU582 from Vancouver International Airport to Shanghai;
  • Hold a valid passport issued by China, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan (China), or Philippines;
  • Hold a valid US visa;
  • Hold a confirmed onward ticket for a direct WestJet Airlines (WS) flight to/from the United States leaving/arriving Canada the same travel day (no layover or overnight stay is permitted). TWOV passengers may stay in the TWOV transit area , but shall leave Canada before 18:00 on the same day of arrival and head for the United States by taking transit flights.

1. Passengers should hold a valid US visa;
2. Passengers have to confirm the Minimum Connection Time (MCT) if purchasing two separate tickets. Passengers who are unable to leave Canada before 18:00 due to a misconnect will not be eligible for visa-free transit.
3. If the flight to Vancouver is delayed, please contact China Eastern airport staff, they will be glad to provide assistance.