China Southern pioneers facial recognition for passenger boarding in China

Facial Recognition
Travel News 05 Jul 2017

A facial recognition system for passenger boarding implemented by China Southern on Jun 28, 2017. China Southern, thus has become the first carrier in China to adopt facial recognition system for passenger boarding to streamline boarding process by verifying passengers’ identity through face scanning.

Passengers who download China Southern’s mobile app and upload their personal photos would be able to use the facial recognition system, which enables passengers to get through identity verification and board their planes within only seconds by simply scanning their face at the boarding gates. The technology can double check and compare passengers’ personal information passengers through boarding process onward to ensure flight security. Airport security personnel will also be on hand to assist in the verification process. It is stressed that the technology is secured by multiple encryption to protect passengers’ personal information.

The system is planned to be rolled out at the T2 terminal of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport in 2018, and the new airport in Daxing county of Beijing to be launched in 2019.