Quick Guide on China Train Ticket for Foreigners

Travel News 24 Nov 2017
FCM 电脑/手机APP客户端

Learn about China Train Ticket Types

China train ticket types are classified into High Speed Trains and Normal Trains.

High speed trains/bullet trains are identified by the letters G, D plus several digits respectively. High speed trains are fast, clean and well-equipped. Seat types include first class seat, second class seat, business class seat, VIP seat, soft sleeper and luxury soft sleeper.

Normal trains are identified by Z, T, K, Y, S plus digits or just several digits without letters. Normal trains are often the choice of budget travelers, and facilities are generally of a lower standard. Seat types include hard sleeper, soft sleeper, luxury soft sleeper, hard seat and soft seat. 

Small tips

  • Most high speed trains do not run overnight and are generally pricer than normal trains. Normal trains run day and night.
  • First class seats and second class seats on China trains are recommended for trips below 5 hours.


Where to Buy China Train Tickets

China train tickets can be bought from railway stations/ticket outlets, 95105105 (the official hotline), 12306.cn (the official website of the China Railway Corporation), FCM online/mobile app, among others.

Small tips

  • Railway stations/ticket outlets: Long queue is usually expected at the station.
  • 95105105: Chinese speaking only.
  • 12306.cn: The website is only available in Chinese and passenger's name on the booking system must exactly match the name on your ID certificate. Names on IDs of foreigners do not correspond to personalized names. Name differences between the booking system and the ID may result in a failed booking or denied boarding.
  • FCM App: Both Chinese and English languages are available, with professional bilingual travel consultants standing by 24/7. Supports online refunds.


How to Collect a Train Ticket booked online in China

Self-service auto machines at the railway stations can only recognize Chinese IDs, and therefore only print online bookings made with Chinese IDs. Foreign travelers may pick up your train tickets at the ticket counters of railway stations after booking online.