Singapore Airlines bringing back nonstop Newark service in October

Travel News 01 Jun 2018

Singapore Airlines (SIA) will bring back its nonstop Newark-Singapore service on Oct. 12 after a five-year hiatus, once again making the route the longest flown by any airline.

At 9,534 miles, the 18-hour, 45-minute flight will top Qatar Airways' 9,032-mile Auckland to Doha service.

In resuming the route, SIA will be the first airline to fly the new Airbus A350 variant, the A350-900ULR, which it ordered in 2015 with nonstop flights to Newark and Los Angeles in mind. The ULR, short for ultra-long range, has 17% more fuel capacity than the A350-900, giving it a range of up to 10,000 miles as compared to the 900's range of approximately 9,000 miles.

SIA will gear the Newark flight to business travelers, configuring the plane with just 161 seats divided between business and premium economy cabins. The A350-900s currently used by the carrier also have a coach cabin and are equipped with 253 seats.

Airline spokesman James Boyd said that all seven of the 350ULRs that SIA has on order will operate with that two-class configuration, forsaking an economy class.

"Our goal is to balance economics with providing the most comfortable service that we can, and we feel that we reach that balance with the two-class configuration on the ultra-long-haul flights," he said.

SIA will also use the 950ULR when it resumes nonstop Los Angeles service, Boyd said. A date for that launch has not been announced.

When it halted nonstop Newark and Los Angeles flights in 2013, SIA was operating those routes with four-engine Airbus A340s outfitted in all business class. The carrier canceled the routes, in large part, due to the A340's relative fuel inefficiency when oil was more than $100 per barrel. Only two engines power a350s.

SIA will fly the Newark route three times during the route's first week then switch to a daily schedule when its second 350ULR goes into service on Oct. 19.

The carrier currently serves the New York area on one-stop service via Frankfurt to Kennedy Airport and flies to Los Angeles daily on one-stop routes through Seoul and Tokyo. At present, the airline's lone nonstop U.S. service flies daily to and from San Francisco.


This post originally appeared on TravelWeekly