SkyTeam alliance offers post-trip updates

Travel News 15 Nov 2016

SkyTeam has introduced a new online tool that allows frequent flyers to keep their balance up-to-date.

The “retroactive credit tool”, which is already available across most of SkyTeam’s 20 member airlines, works in real-time to validate requests to award points for previous flights. Eliminating the need for manual processing, the new automated system allows passengers to log into their FFP account, enter their flight details, and have their points validated.

The main reason for points not being allocated initially is that FFP details were not added at the time of reservation.

SkyTeam said that any airlines that do not currently have the tool available will be rolling it out in the coming weeks.


Air France-KLM to offer WiFi on long-haul fleet

Air France-KLM has signed an agreement with technology provider Gogo to equip its long-haul fleet with WiFi.

The group already offers wifi on its eight KLM Boeing Dreamliner aircraft, with Air France to launch its first B787-9 in January 2017. On these aircraft the technology is provided by Panasonic Avionics.

The new agreement will see Gogo’s 2Ku technology installed on a total of 124 Air France and KLM aircraft, as follows:

  • 68 Air France B777s
  • 15 Air France A330s
  • 29 KLM B777s
  • 12 KLM A330s

Work to equip the aircraft will commence end of 2017.