6 Tips to Mitigate Travel Risk

6 Tips to Mitigate Travel Risk
White Papers 06 Jun 2018

In an increasingly dangerous world, your duty of care obligations to your business travellers should be at the top of your corporate agenda.

According to 2017 research by Ipsos Mori, 72% of business travellers and travel managers believe that health and security risks have increased in the past year whilst 80% of organisations have modified travel itineraries due to health or security concerns.

Further measures cited by travel managers in a recent 2017 survey conducted by ABTA and FCM Travel Solutions was to include catering to business travellers’ needs better within the travel policy through the inclusion of sharing economy options, bleisure opportunities and internal wellness programs.

Personalising the business traveller’s experience also helps to reduce traveller friction – the negative impact that travel has on a traveller, e.g. insomnia, depression, discomfort, exhaustion.

Travel Management Companies (TMCs) also have a key role to play in supporting their clients’ duty of care responsibilities. Although the majority of safety-related incidents faced by business travellers tend to be low-risk, e.g. lost baggage, the range of risk is becoming broader - theft leading to loss of sensitive company information to major terrorist incidents. TMCs are therefore stepping up their efforts to support clients with their Travel Risk Management (TRM) solutions and the creation or revision of crisis management plans and response processes tailored to their clients’ structures and cultures.

What should companies be doing to meet ever-increasing duty of care obligations to mitigate travel risk?


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