Our single gateway makes it easy to access all your travel tools

Designed for the traveller, the booker and the manager, the HUB is a single gateway to multiple technology tools which deliver on your travel program.

Using a single-sign-on, users are able to access Profile, Booking, Approve, Secure, Reporting, Analytics and Expense, via the device of their choice including Mobile. HUB provides a safe and secure online location for your company’s travel information and can be customised to suit your organisation. This complete travel resource streamlines travel information and management improving the online experience and driving greater efficiencies for your program.

Whether you’re a traveller, manager or booker, you’ll appreciate the benefits of one combined system which offers a superior user experience.

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Connected technology available anytime, anywhere on any device

FCM’s HUB provides one simple connection point through which travelers, bookers and managers can access comprehensive travel resources and FCM Connect technology solutions. Incorporating profile management, booking, request and approve functionality, HUB can be configured to suit your organization’s travel programme requirements.

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